Content Management for today's online world
The first impression of a company at their website is important and reflects the perceived value of their products or services. To maintain this effective corporate presence online it is important to react quickly and publish new information with the minimum of fuss or delay.

Our "New Generation" fully Online Content Management fulfils this need and brings the power of content management to the smaller SME sector as well as larger business. Online Content Management is a step forward putting businesses firmly in control of their sites. Not only is it more convenient to use, OCM has brought CMS within budget for all. It is no longer the preserve of the "big players".
Take control of your website
Close the loop in keeping your website fresh. Make updates directly to the site without the delay of using 3rd party web companies to do each change. Make key staff responsible for individual site pages so that they contribute information directly. The site is now the immediate publishing media to keep your customers informed.
Solve website management costs
Reduce the costs of having dedicated personnel for day to day site management. Reduce the cost to your business due to inaccurate prices and information being online. Staff time can be wasted if the customer refers to out-of-date information. All this leads to greater efficiency and tighter budgets.
Disabled Access - DDA compliant site rendering (DDA legislation started Oct 2004)
Dual output from a single content entry. Your site can retain all the visual layout intended for most visitors and in addition CoolCMS provides separate site output for disabled users with all the information but none of the restrictions of fixed layout and font sizes. This means one content entry displays for both audiences freeing your site design from trying to be "Jack of all trades and master of none".
The immediate benefits . . .

Effective corporate sites are always up-to-date
Saves time and money in the publishing cycle
Direct control of resources and information
Delegate page updates to key staff
No change of site hosting arrangements
Corporate site styling is maintained
DDA complient sites
Staff will start using the site more creatively
Use the site more for last minute announcements
Time saved allows the webmaster to take on other tasks

The Online Content Management products

Cool.CMS -
the "New Generation" online content management engine, it addresses these needs with a comprehensive set of editing and management tools.

Cool.CMS option1 - catalogue module adds catalogue and transaction processing for e-commerce. Includes stock/catalogue management and transaction accounting.

Cool.CMS option2 - data capture module adds data collection for visitor registration and mail list generation and management.

CoolCMS with all this functionality still allows you the flexibility to continue to use your current site with its design. Should you wish to change the styling we can provide a full design service to produce the underlying style templates and graphics. Alternatively you can continue to work with your current design agency to provide any major re-styling. The true value is you remain in control of day-to-day updates.
  Cool.CMS main features
Online editing and site control and access management all through the CoolCMS web browser interface.
Easy natural WYSIWYG editor i.e. what you see is what you get visual layout.
Editor includes expert mode for source editing.
Include and manage images in site pages
Preserves site native fonts and colours.
Layout control even with complex tabular layouts.
Menu management - full management of site menus and links.
Multiple undo and complete revert features to avoid mistakes.
Delivers pure HTML - The site is as available and as fast as the hosting server.
Security - All updates controlled by secured access
Administrator and operator access levels.
Mobility - Updates can be done from any PC
No extra hosting server or PC software to install
Works with the existing site which remains on the current hosting server. 
Data and editorial content pages.
DDA compliant site output
Purchasing & Order management
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